Nitromak dnx is Turkey’s first private company producing civil explosives, and manufactures, markets, distributes, and provides blasting and consultancy services of explosives used in the mining and construction industries. Besides the Turkish explosives market, Nitromak dnx also serves the European, Commonwealth of Independent States and African markets. Nitromak dnx produces Anfo, booster sensitive explosives, cap sensitive explosives and non-electrical detonators in its production plant located in Soma, Turkey. In addition, Nitromak dnx distributes imported products such as electrical caps, safety fuse, dynamite and detonating cord and provides all kinds of blasting services to its customers. With its head office in Ankara Turkey, Nitromak dnx employs more than 250 people. Nitromak dnx serves its customers with magazines located strategically throughout Turkey. As part of IPL and Dyno Nobel Group, Nitromak dnx continues to lead the market by providing a complete range of explosives, accessories and related services.

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